What does du do?

disk usage command reports the sizes of directory trees inclusive of all of their contents and the sizes of individual files

With du -bh I think I get the apparent size in human readable format:

# du -bh
295K    ./test

du command shows summarized disk usage for each file and directory of a given location (/var/log/*). The output of a sort command is reversely sorted based on the size.

# du -sk /var/log/* | sort -r -n | head -10
1796    /var/log/audit
1200    /var/log/sa
612     /var/log/anaconda.log
512     /var/log/wtmp
456     /var/log/messages.4
92      /var/log/messages.2
76      /var/log/scrollkeeper.log
72      /var/log/secure
56      /var/log/cups
48      /var/log/messages.1