VMWare Administrator Interviews

VMware Administrator Levels:


Level 1 Engineers:  Fresher’s or newbie to VMware

Level 2 Engineers:  Experienced VMware administrators


Level 1 Engineers:  Fresher’s or newbie to VMware


It’s essential to be prepared with some basic OS, domain, Servers, Network and other technological or conceptual level questions as all these are required to build any Cluster.


  • What is virtualization?
  • What is cloud Computing?
  • What is the need for Virtualization?
  • What is the need for Cloud Computing?
  • What is a Virtual Server or Virtual Machine?
  • What are virtualization technologies?
  • What is Hypervisor?
  • What is VMware?
  • What is ESX Server?
  • What is ESXi Server?
  • What is VMware Workstation?
  • What are the available VMware Versions?
  • Why do we need VMware tools?
  • How to install multiple operating systems on one server?
  • What is NAS and SAN storage?
  • What is LUN?
  • What is Cluster?
  • How to install VMware?
  • What is a snapshot?
  • What is backup?
  • What is the difference between snapshot and backup?
  • What is a VLAN?
  • What is a template?
  • What is cloning?
  • Difference between Template and cloning?
  • Describe different ways of creating Virtual machine in VMware
  • Can we share a file with the virtual machine?
  • What are the components of VMware Cluster?
  • What is vCenter?
  • What is VMFS?
  • What is a host server?
  • Can we migrate Virtual machine from one host to other?
  • What is a shared Storage?
  • How to access Virtual Machine?
  • How to check VMware logs?
  • How many partitions VMware creates? What are they?
  • How to access VMware from ANY location?
  • Can we install Esxi inside Virtual Machine? If Yes, then how?
  • How to connect ESXi server?
  • What is P2V? How can we do that?
  • What is V2V? How can we do that?
  • What are vSwitches?
  • Difference between ESX and ESXi
  • What is Distributed Switch?
  • Difference between Standard and Distributed Switch
  • What is HA?
  • What are the pre-requisites for HA?
  • What is FT?
  • What are the pre-requisites for FT?
  • What is vMotion?
  • What are the pre-requisites for vMotion?
  • What are PortGroups?
  • What is DRS?
  • How DRS works?
  • What is Storage Cluster?
  • What is Storage vMotion?
  • What are the files that make a Virtual Machine ?
  • What are the supported Storages for VMware?
  • What is OVF Template?
  • Difference between OVA and OVF
  • What is the Lockdown Mode?
  • What are the Resource Pools?
  • What is vCenter Linked Mode?
  • How to upgrade VMware?
  • Difference between Logical Storage and Shared Storage
  • Can we change Virtual Machine MAC address? If yes, then How?
  • What is RDM?
  • What is Sysprep?
  • What are vApp’s?
  • How to check ESXi server load from shell?
  • What are VMware Alarms?
  • What is Storage Multipathing?
  • What is VMware vShield Zone?
  • How to create Software based iSCSI Storage?
  • What are VMDK files?
  • What is Storage DRS and how it works?
  • What is RAID?
  • Types of RAID?
  • What are the supported Databases for VMware?
  • How to manage VM’s backup?
  • What is incremental backup?
  • What are the Backup Methods in Virtual Environment?
  • What is Array Snapshot?
  • Difference between Array Snapshot and vSphere snapshots
  • How to monitor VMware resource utilization?
  • What is Memory Ballooning?
  • What is DPM? How it works?
  • What is VMware Web Client and how it is differ from vSphere Client?
  • Difference between Thick and Think Disk provisioning?
  • What is Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed?
  • What is Thick Provision Eager Zeroed?
  • What are the types of SCSI controllers?
  • What are VM Storage Profiles?
  • What are iSCSI initiators?
  • What is Default VMware Firewall?
  • How to secure VMware environment?
  • How to collect VMware Logs to send those to VMware support team?
  • What is vMA?
  • What are Host Profiles?
  • Difference between Bridged, Host-only and NAT?
  • What other VMware Products you are aware of?
  • What is the minimum Server requirement to install VMware?
  • How to enable virtualization for Intel and AMD Servers?
  • How many VMs / hosts you require to create to setup VMware LAB?
  • Difference between vCenter Manual installer and vCenter Appliance
  • How do you compare VMware with other Virtualization Technologies?
  • What is vCenter Agent?
  • How to restart vCenter Agent from command prompt?
  • What are HBAs?
  • What are WWN and WWPN?
  • What are VMkernel Ports?
  • What happens when you rename the Virtual Machine?
  • What are the Affinity & Anti-Affinity Rules?
  • What are the Types of Resource Controls in VMware?
  • Describe VMware Resource Shares, Limits and Reservations in short?
  • What is Resource Overlimitting?
  • What is transparent page sharing?
  • What is Memory Compression?
  • What is the procedure to add a new Storage (e.g. Software iSCSI Storage) in VMware?
  • What are the default Virtual Switch Security Policies available?
  • What is Promiscuous Mode?
  • What is MAC Address Changes?
  • What is Forged Transmits?
  • What is NIC Teaming?
  • What is Traffic Shaping?
  • What is Maintenance Mode?
  • What is Domain Controller? Is it mandatory to have it in VMware Cluster?
  • How to install VMware Tools manually on Linux VM?

Level 2: Advance VMware Interview Questions for Experienced VMware Admins


  1. Explain your VMware environment
  2. What are the different VMware Versions? What is the common upgrade procedure?
  3. How to remove Distributed Switch from VMware Clustered environment, without downtime?
  4. What is the step by step procedure to convert Physical to Virtual? What are the known issues?
  5. Have you ever fixed the Purple screen of death (PSOD) issue? If yes, what was the solution?
  6. How will you investigate HA failure issues?
  7. How will you investigate vMotion failure issues?
  8. How to increase the size of disk partition for Windows VM?
  9. How to increase the size of disk partition for Linux VM?
  10. We are not able to delete the snapshot for a VM, what are the possible reasons?
  11. What are the VM lock files?
  12. How to unmount or detach a LUN from multiple ESXi servers? What needs to be checked before detaching?
  13. What is the Management Agent? How to restart it?
  14. What is PDL and APD?
  15. How to configure centralized logging for VMware logs?
  16. You are not seeing the virtual machine operations, they are greyed-out, what is the possible reason?
  17. How to upgrade VMFS Datastore version?
  18. What are the possible compatibility checks for Fault Tolerance?
  19. How VMware FT feature works in the background?
  20. What is the difference between High Availability and Fault Tolerance?
  21. What are the Active hosts or Primary Hosts in High Availability?
  22. How to recreate corrupted or missing VMDK header file?
  23. How to install Update Manager?
  24. What are the possible reasons, if the ESXi host server is failing to go into Maintenance Mode?
  25. What is storage I/O control?
  26. Snapshot’s logic is changed in different ESXi versions, please explain…
  27. All the Virtual Machines in a host are getting rebooted, What are the possibilities?
  28. ESXi host is getting rebooted frequently, How to investigate?
  29. How to perform P2V for a SQL server without any downtime using VMware converter?
  30. User is complaining about the VM slowness issue, how to troubleshoot this issue?
  31. Can you drow or explain the VMware vShpere architecture
  32. How to create Resource-pool without Vcenter?
  33. To upgrade the hardware version of a VM, what are the Pre-requistes?
  34. Is it possible to take the VM snapshots without VMware tools?
  35. When u take the VM snapshot what size of delta file gets created?
  36. We are not able to do Stroage vMotion Between different datastore, How to investigate?
  37. what is scratch partition?
  38. what is the block and file size for ESXi 5?
  39. What is network I/o control?
  40. From the vSphere client VM console show BLACK screen, How to investigate?
  41. Do you know, how windows licensing will be calculated for VMware Virtual Machines?
  42. How to migrated VM (using vMotion) works on the new host server with different vSwitch?
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