VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)

Virtual local area network (VLAN) trunking Protocol or VTP is a proprietary protocol from Cisco that allows networks to send network functionality through all of the switches in a domain. This technique eliminates the need for multiple configurations for VLANs throughout the system.


One concept in VTP is that larger scale networks may need to be limited in terms of which switches will act as the VLAN servers. VTP offers various options for recovery after a crash or for efficiently serving up redundant network traffic.

In general, the idea of VLAN trunking is similar to other kinds of IT trunking. By locating resources in specific arrangements, data has to do less work to get to specific parts of a network system, or administrators need to do less work to accommodate these data transfers. The trunks between switches are part of this efficiency mechanism which allows for faster and more efficient network traffic.