Vimdiff is a tool that comes bundled with Vim and its a wonderful tool for comparing code and merging changes

Keyboard Shortcuts:

do – Get changes from other window into the current window.

dp – Put the changes from current window into the other window.

]c – Jump to the next change.

[c – Jump to the previous change.

Ctrl W + Ctrl W – Switch to the other split window.

  • If you load up two files in splits (:vs or :sp), you can do :diffthis on each window and achieve a diff of files that were already loaded in buffers
  • :diffoff can be used to turn off the diff mode.



man vimdiff
:h vimdiff
:h :diffthis
:h :diffoff
:h :windo
:h :vnew
:help 08.7
:h :put
:h quoteplus
:h ctrl-w_s
:h ctrl-w_v