Using built-in automount maps

The built-in maps (-hosts, -passwd, and -null) do not need to be created. automount recognizes these names and attaches special automount operations to each. For information on these special operations, see the built-in map descriptions.

Built-in maps are typically used on the automount command line or in the master map. These uses are illustrated below. The -hosts and -passwd maps may also be used in direct and indirect maps. See “Mixing local and distributed automount maps” for this usage.

Here are examples of each built-in map used on an automount command line:

automount /net -hosts

automount /home/server -passwd

automount /usr/bin -null

Here is an example of a master map showing usage of each type of built-in map:

/net -hosts mount_options
/home/server -passwd mount_options
/usr/bin -null mount_options
In both of the above examples and for each built-in map type, the built-in map must be associated with a mount point expressed as an absolute pathname.