True or False: All fiber optic cables have the same type of physical connector?

  • True
  • False (Correct)

Ethernet equipment manufacturers long ago standardized around the 8P8C connector—referred to as an RJ45 connector by most IT professionals. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the makers of fiber optic networking equipment. Fiber optic cables can be terminated with a variety of connectors, such as:

  • FC (Ferrule Connector)
  • LC (SFF Lucent Connector)
  • MIC FDDI (Media Interface Connector – Fiber Distributed Data Interface)
  • MPO (Multi-fiber Push-on)
  • MRRJ (Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack)
  • ST (Straight Tip)
  • SC (Subscriber Connector or Standard Connector)
  • SFF (Small Form Factor)