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How to send multiple attachments through e-mail in UNIX?

I am facing an issue with the “mailx” command while trying to mail attachments. I am able to mail a single attachment by using the “uuencode” command, I am not sure how to use it for multiple attachments… PFA the sample code… MESSAGE=$LOG_FILE or $ERR_FILE FILE=$SOURCE_PATH/$ATTACHMENT_FILENAME FILENAME=$ATTACHMENT_FILENAME’_’$DATE.csv SUBJECT=’Last Run Details for the XYZ program’ MAILLIST=$SUCCESS_MAILLIST  Full Article…


Korn Shell code to send attachments with mailx and uuencode?

I need to attach a file with mailx but at the moment I’m not having a lot of success. Here’s my code: subject=”Something happened” to=”” body=”Attachment Test” attachment=/path/to/somefile.csv uuencode $attachment | mailx -s “$subject” “$to” << EOF The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments: somefile.csv Note: To protect  Full Article…