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Unix Shell Script Syntax for if and grep and -gt

There are two errors in your script: Nested backticks are not allowed. $2/$file_z instead of $(<$2/$file_z) Fixed: for j in `<$2/$file_z` do if grep -q “$1” “$j” > /dev/null # if grep “$1” “$j” > /dev/null # if your grep does not support -q then echo $j cp $j $3 fi done More optimal: for j in `<$2/$file_z` do  Full Article…

0 – Check process & restart

I have a process that has been crashing every few days, but needs to be running 24/7 to be effective. Until I find the time to seek out the cause, I need the process to be restarted. This short SH script uses PS to check that the process is running, and if not, runs the  Full Article…


.sh file syntax checking script

This isn’t a question–its a solution! Below is a script that I wrote for my own script file development which does what the title says. Its the closest that you can get to compiling what are otherwise purely interpreted script files. I offer it here simply for the benefit of anyone else writing script files.  Full Article…