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Find All Large Files On A Linux System

Steps to follow Option 1 This is a basic method for listing files of a certain size. Here we’re searching the home directory of the user you’re currently logged in as for files greater than 20MB. find ~ -size +20M Note: Alternatively, you may search for files less than a certain size by changing the + to a – and  Full Article…

0 – Check process & restart

I have a process that has been crashing every few days, but needs to be running 24/7 to be effective. Until I find the time to seek out the cause, I need the process to be restarted. This short SH script uses PS to check that the process is running, and if not, runs the  Full Article…


Check if program is running with bash shell script?

This is an example of a bash script which checks for some running process (daemon or service) and does specific actions (reload, sends mail) if there is no such process running. check_process(){ # check the args if [ “$1” = “” ]; then return 0 fi #PROCESS_NUM => get the process number regarding the given  Full Article…