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Search the history using Control+R

I strongly believe, this may be your most frequently used feature of history. When you’ve already executed a very long command, you can simply search history using a keyword and re-execute the same command without having to type it fully. Press Control+R and type the keyword. In the following example, I searched for red, which displayed the  Full Article…


ps -ef | grep to check if process is running

The script. #! /bin/sh #check the processes and email me if nsexpress is not running if ps -ef | grep “ns-httpd -d /usr/netscape/suitespot/https-lls/config” then echo “nsexpress is running” |mail george.rajapaksa at else #echo “nsexpress is not running ” |mail george.rajapaksa at cd /usr/netscape/suitespot/https-lls;./start fi The Problem: if pgrep -f “ns-httpd -d /usr/netscape/suitespot/https-lls/config” pgrep  Full Article…