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sort command

sort  – sort a file in sorted order beginning of each line sort [options]… [file] -b Ignores spaces at beginning of the line. -c Check whether input is sorted; do not sort -d Uses dictionary sort order and ignores the punctuation. -f Ignores caps -g Ccompare according to general numerical value -i Ignores nonprinting control  Full Article…


Cat Command Examples

It is a standard Unix program used to concatenate and display files. The cat command display file contents to a screen. Also, you can use cat command for quickly creating a file. The cat command can read and write data from standard input and output devices. Please note that some of the following option will  Full Article…


Killing processes in UNIX

Q. Sometime I need to stop a command or task under UNIX. I also noticed that some process will ignore my keystroke-generated signals such as CTRL + C or CTRL+D, so my question is – How do I kill process in UNIX? A. You need to use a command called kill. The kill utility sends a signal  Full Article…