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System Maintenance1


bash shell script > more #!/bin/bash backup_log=/usr/local/backups.log backup_err=/usr/local/backups.err mv $backup_log $backup_log.old mv $backup_err $backup_err.old echo “Starting backup on /mnt/data” ‘date’ .” >> $backup_log echo “Errors reported for backup/verify:” ‘date’ .” >> $backup_err  #information appended cd /mnt/data   # change directory tar -cvf /dev/st0 . 2 >>$backup_err   # st0 it’s scsi drv tar saving all in  Full Article…


Sections of .spec file

Header summary, name, version, copyright,. Prep Steps to prepare source (e.g. apply patch) Build commands to compile source Install installs relative to build root  (/tmp ) Clean cleans build root Files must list all files for binary pkg.