Screen Regions

If we need to see multiple windows at once, we can use something that screen calls “regions”. We create more regions by splitting the current region. To split the current region horizontally, we can type:

Ctrl-a S

This will move our current window to the top half of the screen and open a new blank region below it. We can get to the lower screen with the “tab” key:


We can then either create a new window in the bottom region or change the view to a different window in the normal way.

If we want to kill the current region, we can use this sequence:

Ctrl-a X

That destroys the region without destroying the actual window. This means that if you were running a program in that region, you can still access it as a normal window, the view into that window was simply destroyed.

If we want to make a vertical split, we can use this sequence instead:

Ctrl-a |

Note: that is not the 1 (number one) or L character. It is the “pipe” character, found on the same key as “\” on most keyboards.

The controls for vertical splits are the same as horizontal splits. If we’ve added a few different regions and want to go back to a single region, we can use this sequence, which destroys all regions but the current one.

Ctrl-a Q