RIP (Routing Information Protocol)

RIP – Routing Information Protocol

How to find the best path to find the destination


  • Distance Vector Protocol
  • Periodic Updates every 30 seconds
  • Possible loops in a complex topology
  • Uses Hop Count as metric (how many router I have  to pass to find the destination)
  • Maximum Hop Count is 15
  • Administrative Distance is 120


Have limited scope of the topology

Send Periodic Updates

Include the Entire Routing Table in the routing updates

By default are Classful Routing Protocols

RIP versione 1 RIP version2


RIPv2 Configuration

Router(config)#  router rip

Enable RIP process on the router

Router(config-router)#  version 2

Enable RIP version 2

Router(config-router)#  no auto-summary

Make RIP a classless routing protocol

Router(config-router)#  network <network>


RIPv2 Coonfiguration


configure router B

RIP configuration HOST2


configure router C

RIP configuration for all 3 ROUTER


RIP configuration verification

Router#  show ip protocols

Display information about all routing protocols running on the Router


Router# show ip router

Displays the routing table of the Router


Router# show running-config

Displays the Routers running configuration



RIP configuration veroification router A


RIP configuration verification router B


show ip route

show ip route



120/1  <— (1) is the hop count


Router#  show running-config

show running-config


Looking at the first octet of the Ip address it allows him to determine what IP classes is

172 Class B