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Error: “aacraid: Host adapter abort request”

AACRAID based controllers have an underlying timeout/recovery cycle that is 35 seconds long. The default in some SCSI subsystems was 60 seconds in the past, but is now standardized at 30 seconds which results in an interference pattern between the controller and the Linux SCSI subsystem. The alternate workaround is for the user to adjust the timeout  Full Article…


kernel: aacraid: Host adapter abort request (0,0,0,0)

ervers are running Adaptec 5405 RAID cards with 2×300 GB SAS disks. Everytime in /var/log/messages I get information about SCSI hang: kernel: aacraid: Host adapter abort request (0,0,0,0) kernel: aacraid: Host adapter reset request. SCSI hang ? kernel: aacraid: SCSI bus appears hung I reviewed controller logs, and I saw that each time the controller  Full Article…


AACRAID based controllers timing out / aborting / SCSI hang

We’ve been lately starting to use more Adaptec RAID controllers rather than 3ware RAID controllers. 3ware has been nothing but trouble for us, dropping hard drives, even RAID5 arrays are running slower than a regular hard drive with no RAID. Our latest issue was a server just simply having a Kernel Panic when using high  Full Article…