pvcreate – initialize a disk or partition for use by LVM

pvcreate initializes PhysicalVolume for later use by the Logical Volume Manager (LVM).

Each PhysicalVolume can be a disk partition, whole disk, meta device, or loopback file. For DOS disk partitions, the partition id should be set to 0x8e using fdisk(8), cfdisk(8), or a equivalent. For whole disk devices only the partition table must be erased, which will effectively destroy all data on that disk. This can be done by zeroing the first sector with:

dd if=/dev/zero of=PhysicalVolume bs=512 count=1

-f, –force
Force the creation without any confirmation. You can not recreate (reinitialize) a physical volume belonging to an existing volume group. In an emergency you can override this behaviour with -ff.
-u, –uuid uuid
Specify the uuid for the device. Without this option, pvcreate(8) generates a random uuid. All of your physical volumes must have unique uuids. You need to use this option before restoring a backup of LVM metadata onto a replacement device – see vgcfgrestore(8). As such, use of –restorefile is compulsory unless the –norestorefile is used.
-y, –yes
Answer yes to all questions.
-Z, –zero {y|n}
Whether or not the first 4 sectors (2048 bytes) of the device should be wiped. If this option is not given, the default is to wipe these sectors unless either or both of the –restorefile or –uuid options were specified.