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Table of Contents 1. Preamble 1.1. Latest Version 1.2. Disclaimer 1.3. Contributors 1.4. Feedback 1.5. Translation 1.6. Dedication 2. Introduction 2.1. What is NFS? 2.2. The Purpose of this Document 2.3. Knowledge Pre-Requisites 2.4. Software Pre-Requisites: Kernel Version and nfs-utils 2.5. Where to get help and further information 3. Setting Up an NFS Server 3.1.  Full Article…


NFS Network File System

Allows Linux machines to share files Typical uses: share home directories between hosts in a network share binaries   NFS overview  NFS configurations   /etc/hosts.allow /etc/hosts.deny /etc/exports  (configure a directory properties)     :/etc > more exports /usr/local (ro,root_squas, sync)   mount user local machine mounted in this directory :/mnt # /mnt/nugger1usrlocal/ :/mnt/nugger1usrlocal/  Full Article…