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ln command example

To link files in the same directory: ln notes circular This creates a link circular to the file notes in the current working directory. To make several links to a file in different directories: ln part1.txt ../helpdata/sect1 /public/helpdoc/part1 This links part1.txt to ../helpdata/sect1 and /public/helpdoc/part1. To use ln together with special pattern matching characters: ln project/*.xdh $PWD This links all the files with the extension “.xdh”  Full Article…



ln –  Make links between files   ln [OPTION]… [-T] TARGET LINK_NAME (1st form) ln [OPTION]… TARGET (2nd form) ln [OPTION]… TARGET… DIRECTORY (3rd form) ln [OPTION]… -t DIRECTORY TARGET… (4th form) In the 1st form, create a link to TARGET with the name LINK_NAME. In the 2nd form, create a link to TARGET in  Full Article…