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What is Port Address Translation (PAT)?

Port Address Translation (PAT) is a type of Network Address Translation (NAT), which translates communications between devices on a private network and devices on a public network. PAT is also known as port overloading, overloaded NAT, port-level multiplexed NAT or single address NAT.   So How Does Port Address Translation (PAT) Work? Last week I  Full Article…


Pulling Back the Curtain on Google’s Network Infrastructure

We adopted a set of principles to organize our networks that is now the primary driver for networking research and industrial innovation, Software Defined Networking (SDN). We observed that we could arrange emerging merchant switch silicon around a Clos topology to scale to the bandwidth requirements of a data center building. The topology of all  Full Article…


What is Dark Fibre ? | What are Dark Fibre Networks?

The traditional meaning of Dark Fibre refers to unused or ‘dark’ network infrastructure that is a mixture of cabling, switches and repeaters. Data is transported over optical fibre networks by passing light through the cables. If there is no data being transported, there is no light – this means that the fibre is ‘dark’. Dark  Full Article…