Install Skype in EL6 (RHEL 6/ Scientificlinux 6/ Centos 6)

I used to have here some instructions on how to get skype installed from official RPM, then overwrite the binary with a static one to get it to work etc etc – quite a PITA. Now you can just install an RPM[1] to get the same result; so, if you have my repo installed (nux-dextop) just do:

yum install skype

If you do not have my repo installed:

yum localinstall --nogpgcheck ./skype-

All of the above needs to be done as root, obviously.
You may want to browse for newer skype rpms; who knows what will happen next to the linux client. It has always sucked in one way or another, I can’t see it improving now that Microsoft has bought them.