How To Read Linux Filesystem (ext2 and ext3) From Windows

Explore2fs is an explorer tool used for reading ext2 and ext3 partitions. If you have dual-boot system with both Linux and Windows partitions, you can access files from your Windows installation while you are in Linux. The tool is licensed under the GPLv2.

Explore2fs supports multiple filesystem and multiple disk access methods.

Supported Filesystem are

• ext2/ext3
• reiserfs
• win32
• sftp

You can’t get simpler tool other than explore2fs. First download a .zip archive file from site, extract and start using. It will automatically detect your Linux drives or partitions and mount them.

It depends on the permissions you set in Linux whether you can only read a particular partition or even write too.


Check the permissions by right clicking on particular partition or drive or a file.


Explore2fs has features like drag & drop, large disk support, large file support, UTF-8 support, preserves time stamps, supports LVM, and more. Most of the professional engineers and embedded designers work in dual operating systems like window and Linux. They spend their time working in Linux based OS like Red Hat Enterprise, ubuntu, Fedora etc. Now while working on windows if they feel they need the files that were in Linux they have to take backup. The backup can be taken using explore2fs software. This software provides excellent data backup services to the end users.Using explore2fs one can take the secure data backup and move data files from Linux to windows easily.

Explorer2fs is a non-installable program, so that you can also use it from a USB drive, carrying with you a Linux file explorer around where it’s needed.