Hard Disk Drive Firmware Update with LSI or Adaptec Raid Controller

This article describes how to perform a firmware update from hard drives with an LSI or Adaptec RAID controller. An update can be performed during operation and therefore the server does not need to be restarted.


Please make sure you have a backup of your data.

It is possible with LSI and Adaptec to flash multiple hard drives simultaneously.

We do not recommend this method as some updates were aborted during the update process.

Update with LSI Controller

For the update you will need the MegaCLI utility for Windows or Linux. First you have to find out which enclosure ID you have and which ID the hard drive has. You can do this with the following command:

MegaCli -PDList -aALL

Then you can start the update by using the following command:

MegaCLI -PdFwDownload -PhysDrv[15:0] -f firmware.lod -a0

The PhysDrv parameter requires an Enclosure ID and an ID of the hard drive you want to flash. The next parameter specifies the path to the firmware file and the last one the controller number.

If you have activated the onboard LSI controller and you also have an external controller, then the onboard LSI controller will have the ID 0 and the external controller will have the ID 1.


When the update of the hard disk has been completed, you should see the following:


You should wait about 15 seconds before continuing with the next hard drive update.

Update with Adaptec Controller

For this update you will need the ASM for Windows or Linux.


Flashing the hard drive may come the operating system to freeze. Under no circumstances should you cancel the operation.

The update runs in the background and may take up to 5 minutes or longer. Please just wait patiently. After the update the operating system will operate normally.

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