Exam: LX0-101 CompTIA Linux+ [Powered by LPI] Exam 1
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Posted: 04-Mar-2013
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  • DasGoat from United States – Jul 12 2013, 6:29 PM Report Spam

    Now, according to my report, I must have missed six questions. I only saw two really new questions: one about the grub timeout being in seconds, tenths, or milliseconds. I picked milliseconds, but I don’t know if that is correct. I can’t remember the other one, but it wasn’t exotic and you should be able to figure it out if you have been studying.
    What I did notice is that several questions had some minor variable changed, but the rest of the question and answer was left alone. For example, the dumps ask “Which symbol will send the output of some command to the end of myfile.txt adding it to the end of the file.” Which the answer is >>. But the test actually asked “Which symbol will send the output of some command to the end of myfile.txt overwriting the file.” Which is >. There were at least 3 of these that seem to just be checking if you have memorized the answers or if you actually know them, so be careful.
    I’m not sure which six questions I got wrong. It could have been some of those where they changed something. Or it might have just been version differences. The dumps say that yum update is the correct way to upgrade a RPM system, but the report says I got that one wrong. Checking the internet, fedora at least has been using yum fedora-upgrade until version 17, and has a new tool since version 18 called FedUp. So is the dump wrong or has the test been updated? Who knows for sure?
    Bottom line is 91.25% is a very respectable score. Do the dumps in the order I suggest and study by doing things in a virtual environment for all four major distributions and you should do fine.
    Good luck! I am off to work on part 2.
  • DasGoat from United States – Jul 06 2013, 4:50 AM Report Spam

    Thank you sandiego, I will check that dump out. I am nervous about this dump. I have found atleast 10 errors with this dump. Not too bad out of 428 questions. But I have four Linux versions running and there is a LOT of things that simply can’t be checked because either things have changed or it is difficult to test. If anyone has found a guide to actually setting up an Xsever the way that the questions ask, I am sure I am not the only one who would be grateful if they would share. I don’t want to just memorize answers, I want to feel I KNOW Linux. After more than five years using it, there is a vast amount of these questions that have never presented themselves to me in the real world. I’m not complaining, I am sure that these are legitimate issues for someone. But for example, the whole way inittab has been changed from version to version makes me wonder about the practicality of this test.

    Still, thanks for letting us know sandiego that you passed and with what dump.

  • sandiego from United States – Jul 03 2013, 7:17 PM Report Spam

    I took the exam today. The download from covers 100% my exam. I got 720/800
    Big thanks to everybody who posted this dump.

    I had problem with fill-in questions (I got 12 fill-in questions / total 60 questions). I don’t know what answer to fill in to get full credit for these fill-in questions.

    This is one of the samples. What answer shoud I fill in ?
    1- /proc/cmdline -or- cmdline

  • DasGoat from United States – Jul 03 2013, 4:25 AM Report Spam

    Guys and Gals,

    I just started working this dump today. I have taken the CCNA, Green IT, and Security+ since January and I fully endorse the test files I have taken so far. Now, I have only gotten through the first hundred questions of this test so far, but I have noticed some things that are troubling. As others have said, the grammar and formatting leads you to pick the wrong answer the first time you see the question, and Q43 is clearly wrong. That being said, I don’t see any major problems so far.

    Let me take a minute to talk about training. I went through the LP1&2 course because it was free for me. Unless they have updated the course and the new course is unavailable to me (unlikely, but possible) then that course is significantly out of date. As I worked the course, I set up VMs for Ubuntu server 13.04, Fedora 18, SUSE 12.3, and CentOS 6.4 and tested most of the examples in the course. I found a lot of the utilities were depreciated or non-existent. I did have a student tell me that that course was set up for the 2009 exam and that the current exam was updated in 2012. So be aware that your training materials might be out of date. That being said, of the first 100 questions I have attempted, at least 50% were covered by the course I took, so it was not a waste of time, just dated. So remember to TEST the concepts you are given in any training program against REAL CURRENT software. Linux is its own, specialized animal and what worked for you in other test might not work here.

  • DasGoat from United States – Jul 03 2013, 4:25 AM Report Spam

    Lastly, I have been working Linux in my free time since 2007, and I have been teaching it off and on since then. Many of the topics covered by this exam are hard core and are probably not applicable to daily use. This exam covers everything you could be asked, not basic concepts or daily tasks for routine administration like making and changing user accounts and file permissions. But you should know them. Consider setting up a VM Linux server and tinkering with X windows before you attempt the exam.

    One last note. I have a student who has studied this test bank exclusively and is taking the test next week. I will report back his experience, as he probably will as well.

    Good luck everyone. This is not a walk in the park exam, so be prepared.

  • mona shah from United States – Jun 25 2013, 4:02 PM Report Spam

    Good to see many comments. I have planned to appear for the exam. 1. please share if dumps available to me –
  • jaws222 from United States – May 10 2013, 4:45 AM Report Spam

    Are any of you guys going through PearsonVUE to take the Linux exam?
  • Fahad from Saudi Arabia – Apr 22 2013, 7:10 PM Report Spam

    Any valid dumb for Linux + (lx0-102) Exam?? Please share.
  • Valid from United States – Apr 21 2013, 7:50 PM Report Spam

    This is a valid dump… passed with 790/800…

    Looking for LX0-102 dump!?!?

  • Marin from Saudi Arabia – Apr 15 2013, 1:34 PM Report Spam

    Used below dump and its 100 % Valid. Passed yesterday.

    And valid dump for LX0-102????

  • Allen from Brazil – Apr 14 2013, 5:29 PM Report Spam

    Valid dump
  • fahid from Canada – Apr 10 2013, 8:09 PM Report Spam

    i got 760/800 in 25 minutes using the above dump.

  • Lou101 from South Africa – Apr 05 2013, 12:12 PM Report Spam

    Passed today with 790/800. This dump is 100% valid. use below dump, valid one for camptia linux+ 101
  • 1122 from Sweden – Mar 20 2013, 3:04 AM Report Spam

    got 800/800 use below dump, its very valid one for camptia linux+ 101
  • one from Egypt – Mar 08 2013, 5:39 PM Report Spam

    not a valid vce package
  • NOT VALID from Unknown – Mar 06 2013, 1:18 PM Report Spam

    This dump is not a valid dump