Bash Shell Commands

alias Create an alias
break Exit from a loop
case Evaluate one of several scripts, depending on a given value
cd hange directory
command Run a command – ignoring shell functions
continue Resume the next iteration of a loop
declare Declare variables and give them attributes
dirs Display list of remembered directories
enable Enable and disable builtin shell commands
eval Evaluate several commands/arguments
exec Execute a command
exit Exit the shell
export Set an environment variable
for Expand words, and execute commands
hash Remember the full pathname of a name argument
history Command History
if Conditionally perform a command
let Perform arithmetic on shell variables
local Create variables
logout Exit a login shell
popd Restore the previous value of the current directory
pushd Save and then change the current directory
read read a line from standard input
readonly Mark variables/functions as readonly
return Exit a shell function
set Manipulate shell variables and functions
shift Shift positional parameters
shopt Shell Options
source Run commands from a file `.’
times User and system times
type Describe a command
ulimit Limit user resources
umask Users file creation mask
unalias Remove an alias
unset Remove variable or function names
until Execute commands (until error)
while Execute commands