ata2: COMRESET failed (errno=-16)

From some time now, I am having disk problems. When I try to boot my system in the morning, my bios splash screen froze for a while and my disk scratches (I don`t know which one).


Then the grub boot menu pops up.


When I try to boot my archlinux, I got several “ata2: COMRESET failed (errno=-16)” messages and the system does not boot.

When I reboot the system by pressing the power button, the system usually boots normally. Some times i got the COMRESET error for two or three reboots, but eventually, my system boots. I tried to find the problem via smartctl, but everything is OK.


During the day, when I reboot my system, to windows, and then back to linux, or when I am shutting down the machine in order to move, i don`t get these errors.


I am getting the error when my box is cold (stayed off during the night, or I halt it for several hours and boot again.) As my root file system is on the SSD, and only the /var is on the HDD, i suppose that the problem is with the SSD.